Wachusett Chinooks Breeding Plans- Fall 2016

Chinooks are a rare breed of New England sled dog, who is making a come-back from the throws of near extinction in the early 1980’s. The breed relies on the support of it’s owners who can keep a dog intact or raise a litter, to further advance the breed in numbers and genetic health.  If you are interested in this adventure, please contact me for any questions and information.
  We are excited to announce the planned breeding of Granite Hill Timmee Atole in the Spring 2017 to Wachusett Gulbrun Finley. Timmee is a larger female Chinook, silly, athletic and LOVES puppies! Finley is a well structured social and friendly male who loves to play.  Both dogs have excellent health, passing eyes and hips and are cat & child friendly.


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                 Cassie’s Dam

GreatMountain Granite Abnaki

            Cassie’s Sire
Granite Hill Enatai Rain