Getting a Wachusett Chinook Puppy

Puppies need individual attention during their first crucial year in order to grow into happy, thriving adults, so we will only place one (1) Wachusett Chinooks puppy per litter into a home and will not place a puppy into a home with another dog who is less than one year of age. 

It is part of the application process to meet prospective owners whenever possible. If you live outside of the Northeast, Wachusett Chinooks will ask you to meet with another Chinook breeder or owner, in your area.  We will want to speak with two references.  Please provide contact information for the references (names, phone numbers, how you know them).  If you have not met Chinooks and their owners, you will be asked to do so before a pup is placed with you.  Please contact me and I will direct you to owners in your area.

  We are committing to a 12-15 year relationship with you and your family. We want to make sure it will work out the best for everyone, especially the puppy.  The cost of a Wachusett Chinook puppy is $1500 dollars. A deposit of $500 will be required if a puppy is available for you. Cash or personal checks accepted for deposit.

All adult Chinooks and puppies born at Wachusett Chinooks are cared for using Natural Rearing practices.  You can refer to the page on “Natural Rearing “ for more information.

Unlike a pet store or shelter, you will not be able to pick a specific puppy, but will be offered the pup whose personality and prospects best meets your family’s goals.  This is based on weeks of observation of the litter, and professional review of temperament and conformation.

Wachusett Chinooks requires all puppy owners to have their pups screened at two years of age for hip dysplasia (using either PennHip or OFA procedures) and eyes screened for eye diseases by a certified veterinary ophthalmologist.  Proof of these exams will be required as well as result information. 

***The information from these exams is crucial to our future breeding decisions.

A Chinook pup requires early training with other dogs their own age to be properly  socialized. All puppy owners are required to attend puppy kindergarten and a basic obedience course, using positive reinforcement techniques, taken during the first year of your puppy’s life.  Proof of completion will be required.

The breed relies on the support of it’s owners who can keep a dog intact or raise a litter, to further advance the breed in numbers and genetic health. Homes which will keep either their Chinook male or female puppy intact, are continuously needed.  Even one litter will help to achieve the goal of continuous success, exposure and healthy numbers for the Chinook breed.  Wachusett Chinooks will always be available for questions, concerns, conversation and mentoring when you own a “breed potential” Chinook (this will not be known until all your Chinook’s health screens are completed by age 2).

New owners are responsible for the cost of transporting their puppy to his/her new home – which may require a person to fly out and take the puppy back as carry-on baggage.  We will not allow a puppy to be shipped as cargo on any commercial carrier.

Wachusett Chinooks Puppy Questionnaire.docx


Wachusett Chinooks Puppy Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions honestly, openly and thoughtfully.  This assists us in determining what type of puppy will be the best fit for you. Filling out this questionnaire does not guarantee that a pup will be placed with you, but gives us a chance to get to know you and your family.

It may seem a bit long, but we are committing to a 12-15 year relationship with you and your family. We want to make sure it will work out the best for everyone, especially the puppy.

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